Why Vos Voco exists

The Manufacturer (30/7/2017):
“Quality management typically conjures up images of statistical process control methodologies used to study how a process changes over time — the main driver for which is to use these insights to reduce waste, inefficiency, recalls and ensure compliance standards are met.

For many manufacturers however, the tools of the trade for managing and monitoring quality control are often nothing more than a pencil, a paper form and a clipboard. If there is a failure in your ‘technology’, a pencil sharpener is often the remedy.

Information is noted onto worksheets, and then gathered together across multiple sites and plants. This information is then bundled together and lumped into a spreadsheet to sit and gather dust in a filing cabinet, or at best siloed in databases or file servers across the organisation.”

The Background

“As a young warehousing manager, my team strived to reduce the number of errors sent to our dealer spare parts departments. Although our quality levels were close to 100%, by number and impact, there was still a lot of cost and angst to address.

Reducing exceptions required help from our partners. We had hundreds of customers – what were the contact details of the people who could help? Put simply we tried hard, but circumstances were against us.

Vos Voco uses modern app and web technology (with personalised service and support) to address these root causes. Complimentary to, not in competition with your existing systems.”

Are you experiencing these problems?

Gaps in System Estates

Systems are designed to handle mainstream processes. There are always ancillary tasks that are not covered well, or at all.

Systems Don’t Naturally Communicate

It takes a lot of effort and cost to pass selected data between two companies, let alone exception data between a company and all of its partners.

Manual Processes that Cause Errors

These are the processes that employ spreadsheets, phone, email, WhatsApp, etc. They are inefficient and difficult to improve.

Implement the Vos Voco App to boost service and reduce costs

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