As featured in the April 2020 version of the Brewers Journal UK. Page 27-28.

We have just returned from SIBA’s BeerX in Liverpool.  The tradeshow for independent brewers.  We were promoting our affordable Quality and Revenue solutions for the brewing industry, however they apply to businesses across the whole Food and Drink sector. Particularly those who are joining accreditation schemes such as SALSA (Safe and Local Supplier Approval) and/or have multi-site operations.

Technology will continue to allow productivity to grow, enable new services, and help reach customers. However most businesses will have gaps in the systems they use leading to manual processes directly impacting costs, increasing admin time required from founders/directors, and missed opportunities to increase sales.

Vos Voco has developed a new approach that addresses these problems in areas where manual processes are in use, providing an affordable, compatible solution for most businesses.

Quality control has always been important, however the ability to demonstrate compliance has become a business necessity.  Whether a quality system has been approved by SIBA, SALSA, etc., the norm is to collect data using clipboards, whiteboards and Excel.  Data retrieval is slow, and it is often difficult to know the quality system is being followed by staff.

Our solution is to replace the paper gathering processes with collection using our app.  Our approach allows nearly all processes to be replaced in days not months.  The ability to respond quickly keeps costs low, meaning the solution is affordable by even very small businesses.  Equally the modular approach allows it to be deployed in large businesses.

Vos Voco’s revenue solution is aimed at businesses taking orders over the phone.  Our objective is to provide an affordable solution to brewers and industry consumable suppliers to improve ordering productivity and to allow customers to request restocking at a time when it suits them.  This is ideally suited to smaller breweries who supply freehouses, potentially increasing sales by being easier to trade with.  In company owned operations, information such as stock-outs can be gathered to improve availability and hence sales.

Vos Voco was developed by operators.  We understand that a solution will only be successful and deliver benefits if it is easy to use and can be widely deployed.  Our design approach ensures users can complete the required steps in 10-30 seconds depending on the use; meaning it doesn’t slowdown the operation.  For the revenue solution, customers can use Vos Voco for their own needs and other suppliers, avoiding “app” and “log-on” fatigue which restricts take up of bespoke company solutions.

Our standard engagement approach allows the solution to be seen working before committing.  We can do this due to the solution being ready to implement (while being adaptable to specific needs) alongside our confidence in clear benefits outweighing costs.

Whether interested in our Quality or Revenue solution; or have a need for managing field sales, tracking assets, batch tracking or audits, please get in contact for an initial friendly chat.

Affordable Digital Quality Solutions

Make your system paperless.

  • Real time data collection
  • Real time visibility
  • Lower risk of quality issues
  • Increased productivity
  • Collaborate with suppliers/customers to improve quality
  • Implement in days not months

Affordable Digital Revenue Solutions

Make it easy for your customers to restock or increase productivity of internal ordering.

  • Increased sales
  • Reduced administration
  • Use standalone or integrate
  • Customer friendly
  • Reusable by customers
  • Implement in days not months

Posted on April 29, 2020