At Vos Voco, our mission is to help everyday businesses improve their quality, productivity and profitability.  Businesses of all sizes face similar pressures:  the need to improve productivity and service(s) while having little time and financial resources to do so.

We can meet these challenges by providing targeted, modular, solutions that can be deployed in just a few days.  Being fast to deploy means we can keep costs down. This makes Vos Voco applicable to all organisations, from small businesses on industrial estates through to multinationals. This also means that Vos Voco can help businesses bid for new work which their current systems do not support. Let me tell you how.

Vos Voco’s core service is to collect data in the field in a structured way and to share it instantly with people or companies who need it – including two way text communication (like social media).

Say for example, a haulage firm wants to bid for new work, but for it to qualify it must be able to collect specific data at the point of delivery or pick up, and transmit that data back to their customer. After a single session with Vos Voco, we can provide a costed solution and prototype allowing them to do just that. They can now qualify for the bid. If won, implementation can follow in a few days. We can also work with your partners to make sure data flows between companies with ease.

To give another example:  As a one-off exercise, you need data to be collected in the field concerning assets or delivery points. Because a Vos Voco workflow can be deployed very quickly, we can get a workflow solution put in place within a few days, avoiding the need to collect data on paper with manual data entry afterwards. Quick. Cost-effective. Simple.

Our method is to help our customers define their business requirements using process mapping.  We then design and configure a workflow ready for review and deployment.  As a true turn-key solution, we provide ongoing support, updating, retiring, or creating new workflows as required.

At Vos Voco, we enable our customers to say, “we can do that now”.

Derek Silby. Founder/CEO.

Posted on March 29, 2019