Improving operational quality is a challenge we all face, year on year, whatever our business. But making those improvements is not straight forward.

Welcome to my blog promoting our new service. It is good to be back in contact with you as someone I have worked with in the past or met through events such as those hosted by The IFT. Over the next few weeks I will explain how our business, Vos Voco, can provide a practical, technical solution for improving quality and productivity leading to increased profitability.

Vos Voco is a new tech service designed to improve the profitability, quality and customer service of your business. It will complement your existing systems and processes, is low cost, low risk and easy to implement. Sounds interesting?

There are two main areas we target:

1. Exceptions

Imagine: You’re in a monthly review meeting. Operational quality is on the agenda again. You’re running at a 96% success rate. You were at 98% last month. A discussion then follows as to why the figures are so variable. No one can explain the reasons with any conviction. Commitments are then made to investigate accordingly, to be reported back at the next meeting. However, the investigation gets bumped onto the next month’s action points. And so on and so on.

However, having any level of failure is expensive. These failures are all those costly incidents that take up time and money to put right. Resolving these exceptions may involve customer service agents, operatives, extra space, extra stock, profit given away in the form of credits.

Existing systems do not offer a great deal of help to managers trying to drive down their exceptions. Data that might help them identify root causes is simply not collected, or if it is, it is fragmented so reporting is difficult.

2. More efficient Workflows and Delivering New Services

Imagine: Your staff are spending a lot of time keeping track of processes that don’t quite fit your existing systems. To support their day-to-day manual processes, they are using Excel, phone, email, and WhatsApp, perhaps taking photos, downloading them and attaching them to other documents. The system is deficient – the people in your business are adapting their key tasks to compensate. This is inefficient and slow.

Also, bidding for new work may be impossible if relevant business systems are not in place to support. Think a transport operator who needs to interact with their customer, or their customer’s customer.

Vos Voco is the solution. It is a service that will enable your business to access reduced costs and increased quality by providing accessible solutions not covered by your existing systems, while also being compatible. Quite uniquely, it allows you to collaborate both internally and with your external parties. It enables you to practically dial in people upstream and downstream. No one else is doing this. We can.

So, as you plan to improve profit and service for this year, take a look at how addressing some of your thorny, recurring issues and manual tasks can contribute. Even if you are already planning system reviews and upgrades, the ease of implementing and low costs of Vos Voco can provide you with some tactical improvements in the interim.

Please contact me directly for more information. It would be good to renew our connection and to have a chat about your business and how we can help.

Derek Silby

Posted on February 7, 2019