The Vos Voco App for Logistics & Distribution

Vos Voco is an app-based service designed to improve the profitability, quality and customer service of your business.

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Although systems are extensively in use, data connectivity between companies is still a real headache. That’s where the Vos Voco Quality Network comes in. Once on the network, data generated by people using the app is securely shared between the two companies. This opens up a new opportunity to increase quality and productivity. Analysis shows that a reduction can be made in customer enquiries, emails and admin by adopting Vos Voco’s Quality Network.

Our app can help:

  • Engage subcontractors without having gaps in your data.
  • For Distributors, when things go wrong, know about it straight away.
  • Visibility to allow true collaboration between trading partners on quality and productivity.
  • Allow customers to say a replenishment is needed.
  • Qualify for tenders that need data collected that your system doesn’t support.
  • Get rid of those internal paper-based processes.
  • Manage small fleets: fuel, mileage, damage, etc.

Digitise your operations, fast!

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