The Vos Voco App for Building & Construction

Vos Voco is an app-based service designed to improve the profitability, quality and customer service of your business.

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Add 2% to your bottom line

Deliverable, incremental improvements

Construction sites are busy places with lots of moving parts. People resources often work for different companies and are perhaps resistant to change. However, there are real cost and revenue improvement opportunities, that in the long run, can’t be ignored. We think about 2% could be added to your pre-tax profit.

We understand the industry and people:

  • Introduce small changes, one at a time. Enhance over time, usually with no increase in the subscription.
  • Use our app to collect data around the site, with standard mobile devices, usually with seconds of effort.
  • We help make sure solutions are accessible for all people to use.
  • Reduce admin overheads: timekeeping, expenses, delivery notes, quality data.
  • Collaborate with suppliers using the Vos Voco Quality Network: effortlessly collect delivery data, pull through replenishments, or share quality records.
  • Secure the revenue owed for variations. Collect ALL data needed in situ to process claims. Avoid “hair-cuts” due to a lack of robust data.
  • Have a small fleet? Use the Vos Voco app to collect vehicle check data such as mileage, fuel receipts, and damage.
  • Avoid spend with other apps – using our unique tailoring approach. We can cover most site based requirements.
  • Pricing is based on company size, making the solution flexible and not licence-per-user based.

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