The Vos Voco App for Food & Beverages

Vos Voco is an app-based service designed to improve the profitability, quality and customer service of your business.

Digitise quality

Get orders in
from outlets

Higher quality,
lower costs, more sales

Ideal for smaller producers

There are a considerable number of Food and Beverage producers in the UK. Whether beer, juice, spirits, dairy, ready meals, coffee roasting, etc, F&B UK is alive with entrepreneurs. However, F&B requires a lot of record-keeping, while admin to deal with regular B2B customers can be time-consuming. Vos Voco can help you do more with the same.

Tailor to your business needs:

  • Effortlessly collect quality data around the facility. Tailored to your priorities and circumstances.
  • Reduce the admin overhead of SALSA or ISO registration while always being audit-ready.
  • Get close to regular business customers, allowing them to pull through a replenishment at a time that suits them.
  • Have a quality problem? Let your business customers effortlessly include rich data so you can nip the issue in the bud.
  • Have a small fleet? Use the Vos Voco app to collect vehicle check data such as mileage, fuel receipts, and damage.
  • Have a new requirement? Usually, a change can be quickly made without any difference in the subscription cost.
  • We complement your existing systems. To keep costs down, use Vos Voco standalone. If sensible, integrate with your existing systems.

Digitise your operations, fast!

All of this in one easy-to-use app!

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