Field Service Expo and Symposium

I’m not long back from the Field Service Expo and Symposium hosted by Field Service News. Held at the Edgbaston Cricket Ground, it was a good opportunity to chuckle over all the English wickets I’ve seen fall over the years.

The Expo and Symposium was aimed at companies providing mechanical and electrical repairs and servicing to businesses.

The thrust of the Symposium was strategic. How will the industry look in five years? What will customers want?  How can new technology and thinking be applied to add value to their customer’s business?

UK industrial businesses are possibly in the most significant period of change for a generation. Covid-19 put many businesses on pause while others saw demand explode. However, as the economy returns to growth, some big themes are coming to the fore.

Labour Shortages:  Brexit has brought to a head our reliance on imported skilled labour, and that we have not been training young people in the vast number of skilled areas the economy needs.

Inflation:  Interest rates must rise?

Net Zero:  Like it or not, we need to adapt to life without fossil fuels sooner than we thought.

Onshoring:  As Asian labour and shipping rates increase, more manufacturing will be done in the UK – made even more economical by new additive technology (3D printing).

The 4th Industrial Revolution:  Connectivity between machines and companies, as well as getting some value out of vast data pools will provide a step change in productivity and quality.

Top Takeaway

Possibly my greatest takeaway from the Field Service News symposium was to refocus on creating value. As we engage with a new or existing customer, how can Vos Voco help add value to their customer’s business? Suppose they can help their customers reduce admin, improve quality and productivity through connectivity, meet challenges such as increasing recycling and reducing carbon. In that case, they, in turn, will be valued as a supplier. Added value can be tied to winning and retaining business along with healthier rates, helping with longer-term viability.

Our mission statement

Vos Voco will make a difference to local businesses and communities through supporting business viability, development of young people, and supporting community-led organisations.

Where there is change, there is opportunity. Personally, I think the next ten years will be an exciting time as we transition to a new era. We’ll be here to help companies along that journey.

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Derek Silby
CEO and Founder, Vos Voco

Posted on November 10, 2021