Today is Global Recycling Day.  Each year the Earth yields billions of tonnes of natural resources which is clearly not sustainable.

The global population is currently 7.8 billion and set to increase by another quarter by 2050.  Consumerism and the additional people will increase demand on our Earth’s resources.

One thing we can and must do is increase recycling.  Current recycling rates are woeful if use of all natural resources is considered.

There are financial and logistical difficulties to overcome if we are to increase business-based waste recycling.

If you have an objective to increase recycling of business waste, Vos Voco can solve the problem of having accurate data on knowing which pick up locations need collecting.  Accurate demand data will allow transport to be planned as efficiently as possible, bringing down costs, reducing carbon, and thus making more recycling viable.

Whether there are 100, 1000 or 10000 potential pick up locations, Vos Voco can help.

Are there other problems holding back business-based waste recycling?

Posted on March 18, 2021