Welcome to my third blog promoting our new service.  Vos Voco’s purpose is to help businesses of all sizes and experience to improve their business processes.  Our service and customer specific flexible solutions require only modest investment of time and funds, and are complementary to existing systems.

Following on from discussing how we can help reduce “exceptions”, this blog will discuss how manual processes in your business can be made more efficient using Vos Voco.


A few weeks ago, I was working with some guys running a construction operation, confirming quality criteria and how results were reported in order to get paid.  Often site based work involves making progress without the client being present to inspect.  Digital images are widely taken, therefore, to demonstrate works have been completed to the standard alongside completed checklists.  These are then packaged up and delivered to the client when applying for payment.

In this example, the process involved completing a checklist, taking photographs to demonstrate compliance, downloading them, creating the document, adding the images, converting to pdf, and eventually sending them to the customer.  These records were stored in a non-standard way on the shared drive for future recovery.  It was a lengthy process.

Although the operation was fairly small, a significant amount of management time was spent (wasted?) each day making sure the records were safely uploaded to the shared drive.  However due to the manual nature of the process, each month there was a concerted effort to locate and produce the records to attach to the application for payment.

Vos Voco can bring significant productivity gains to this type of manual process.  We can make the process a lot simpler.

Working in partnership with you, our client, Vos Voco can create a client specific workflow that field based staff are able to access and make use of, just by using a smart phone or tablet.  Our semi-complex workflow solutions mean that different types of records can be treated in different ways – simply filed, or referred to managers for follow up if necessary. The point is, all the records are collected easily. Internal and external parties can be seamlessly integrated.  Operatives can either be online or offline, avoiding the need to have a good internet connection at all times.

Quality of data is improved as the workflow can mandate fields if they are needed.  Video and images can be captured.  Simply, once the guys in the field have collected the data… that is it.  The data is ready to access from our cloud service, or can be delivered to customer systems.

All businesses have a number of manual processes.  Due to our novel approach and overall service, even minor processes will show a good return on investment.  Improved processes, and therefore productivity, will lead to increased profitability.

If you’d like to find out more, please contact us for further information.  No fees are due until you implement one of our solutions – you will see your workflow solution working before you decide.  All you need is a problem for us to help you solve, and modest funds – we will do the rest, getting you up and running in a few days. 

Derek Silby. Founder/CEO.

Posted on March 11, 2019