The current edition of The Manufacturer forecasts significant changes for the industry in 2021 under the headings of – Lean, Green and Seen.

Lean, already embedded within UK manufacturing, will be called on to work through questions of what companies do and their methods.  Manufacturers will focus on carbon emissions and changes needed on the march towards net-zero (Green).  While Seen refers to how the sector is perceived by the public and government.

In the forward Jonny Williamson, Editorial Director, notes that in nearly all cases difficult questions have revealed areas for improvement.  Particularly around how information is gathered, shared, updated, signed off and stored.  He goes on to say how the last twelve months have exposed paper based manual processes leading many to explore better, more efficient and more collaborative methods.

These observations chime with Vos Voco’s purpose.  To provide flexible low cost targeted solutions that existing systems don’t support.

Moving forward will require a number of actions with varying investments needed, however we are confident Vos Voco will be part of the solution for most SME manufacturers and their suppliers.

Vos Voco can squarely address paper based data collection and manual processes.  For example, employees on the shop floor find collecting quality data quick and easy using workflows tailored for them.  Efficiencies associated with vending machines can be applied to any 2-bin system or storage cupboard using our app that connects suppliers with their customers.  And what makes us different – our customers have no trouble communicating up and down the supply chain – opening up new opportunities to collaborate on quality, productivity and Green initiatives.

The march forward needs to be across the whole industry.  By design our service is deployable within days making it affordable and relevant to all SME manufacturers and their suppliers.

As a leader it can be difficulty and time consuming to assess options.  Our solution, approach and pricing recognises this – provide us with a little time to tell us about your thoughts and needs and we’ll honestly tell you if and how we can help – often seeing a working pilot or the solution before paying anything.

Get in touch with Derek today for an initial chat.  We cover all parts of the UK.

Posted on February 10, 2021